New Construction

Apache Telecom specializes in complete in-house construction for virtually all components of wireless systems.
With our fully staffed electrical, tower, and civil departments, we cover all aspects of wireless construction.
Some of these services that Apache Telecom provides are:


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Apache Telecom will furnish and install power circuitry, sub paneling, breakers, transformers, generators with fuel supplies, cabling, connectors, conduit work, and all supporting hardware.

Tower services

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Apache Telecom offers all tower services including erection, improvement, and demolition. We offer these services for roof top construction and all tower types including monopole, guy wire, and self supported.


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Apache offers a wide range of foundation services including excavation, form construction, rebar construction, and all concrete finishing. Some of the foundations built for previous customers include foundations for self supported towers, monopoles, guy towers, and all types of equipment platforms. These foundation types include pier, gravity, anchor and pile. Apache Telecom also offers compound and road construction.

Grounding Systems

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Apache Telecom will furnish and install grounding systems for any tower configuration, equipment, and compound.

Antennas & Coax

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Apache Telecom offers modification, relocation, and replacement for antennas and coax and associated mounting hardware. These services are available for cellular, microwave, and UHF applications.

VSWR Testing

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Apache Telecom will perform pre and post-testing to customer specification using the latest Anritsu Equipment and Site Master software.