Apache Telecom performed several million dollars of work last year alone for Sprint. We have provided all aspects of rawland construction, equipment upgrades, and co-locate construction.
Apache performed equipment upgrades on 400 sites for the entire Houston Market. Upgrading the Houston market was a 24-hour a day task. Our employees provided quality management, surveying, warehouse space, inventory services, and shipping on a daily basis. In order to have minimal impact on Sprint's customers, Apache performed all work from 11:00pm to 3:00am on three sights per night five days a week.
Apache disassembled and removed old equipment cabinets, and replaced them with new equipment cabinets. In addition, Apache Telecom was responsible for all connections and terminations to the new equipment.
coax installation
antenna installation
tower erection
VSWR testing
foundations for towers and equipment
all aspects of electrical
and installation of grounding systems for towers and equipment
A percentage of this work was performed during night hours in order to impact existing sites already on air as little as possible.