I have been working in web design for over a decade. That time spent in front of a monitor has allowed me to be able to watch, as well as be apart of, a swift and massive change in how content is delivered to you. Throughout my entire experience in design, two things have remained constant for me.

  1. Content is king. In the long run, without anything to say, no one will care how good you look.
  2. A site must be usable before it can be beautiful. If the user is unable to find their way to the information they desire, they will not be impressed with any of your beeps, buzzes, and animations for long.

Below you will find a sample of some of my work both on and off the Web, as well as some images created during my spare time.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me.



Anything's Possible Aviation - APA is an up-and-coming aviation company in Houston that offers a plethora of private, public, and commercial services. The site uses a mix of Flash and static content.

Apache Telecom - Although Apache is now defunct, this site represents a transitional change in my design process. It uses frames, which I no longer use in design, and it was a hurried site that needed to be built within a week.

Beck Geodetix: Aerial Photography - Besides of GIS and GPS Mapping services, Beck Geodetix also offers high-quality aerial photograpy. This small Flash-based site was used to show just a small amount of their portfolio.

Legacy Land Trust - I provided a facelift for this small Texas-based non-profit. As Legacy Land Trust continued to expand its land preserves, its site expanded along side of it. I also aided in converting paper-based documents for the web, as well as creating small sites based on press release announcements.

Mint in Uptown Park - One of the toughest things in design can be learning to step back and let the product do the talking. The stark black, white, and gray palette was used in order to get out of the way of the colors within the designer-label clothing and accessories.

Trinity Hardwood Distributors, Inc. - Trinity represents one of the earliest sites I ever built. While it does carry a bit of an antiquated look for the Web these days, it is still quite functional.


Graphic design not confined to a web browser has been a new adventure for me. While extending my creativity beyond the monitor has been a challenge, it is one that I have enjoyed tackling. These three examples that you see represent some of my latest designs.

Beck Geodetix - While the logo is abstract, the colors and shapes are meant to evoke images of GPS satellites circling the Earth.

Anything's Possible Aviation - The helicopter has the feel of sweeping brush strokes that represent air, or the wind. The sharp, titled text is meant to symbolize a feeling of speed and agility you get with the aircraft. This design is now featured on the side of Anything's Possible Aviations aircraft.

Team W.A.D. - This logo was created for an adventure racing team competing in a Trioba 24-hour race. The W.A.D. stands for: Water, Air, and Dirt. All of the elements listed in team's name appear within the logo. The split down-the-middle, day-into-night transition is meant to represent the 24-hour nature of the race.

Utz Foundation - Created for a non-profit that assists a teacher/coach that was injured in an accident. The sword and colors are representative of the school where he worked for many years.